California, Colorado, Florida

The Phoenix Group International (TPGI) and TPGI Ventures were established in 1996 in San Francisco to respond to opportunities in the technology industry. Over the next decade, TPGI represented companies and institutional investors on over over $750mm in transactions, guided more than a dozen companies in going public and structured, negotiated and managed dozens more mergers, acquisitions, restructurings and corporate turnarounds. In the firm’s first decade, TPGI Ventures’ holdings grew to include minority positions acquired in start-up and early stage in numerous pre and post-IPO technology companies and majority shareholder positions in a variety of technology and digital media companies consistently ranked in the top of their respective spaces.

In 2009, the principals of TPGI took a break from client facing corporate finance work to operate a number of the assets the firm acquired, to work in public policy and to support a variety of efforts to incubate the next generation of talent and ideas. As a new wave of innovation and market opportunities created needs and opportunities in a number of quickly evolving and growing industries,TPGI Ventures was formally relaunched with the addition to the team of respected business and finance professionals in these industries.

Today, TPGI Ventures conducts business around the United States and internationally in a wide variety of industries. TPGI’s principals bring deep expertise in finance, public policy and the private sector to support business leaders and investors in blockchain, legal cannabis, hemp and CBD, climate resilience, blue finance projects, ag-tech, ag-biotech and other emerging technologies relating to our areas of focus.


We take a hands-on and relationship driven approach to our work with all clients. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships based on trust and results. Whether your company needs support on a single transaction or developing and executing a multi-year strategy, we want to know what drives you, what inspires you, where you’ve been and where you want to go. While our focus today will be on the transaction or your immediate needs, our approach is firmly rooted with understanding the bigger picture. We’re happy to have clients trust as as advisors and thrilled to be your partners.


The TPGI Ventures team brings decades of experience in corporate finance, the capital markets, operating businesses and in the sectors where we focus. Our advice is not merely theoretical. It’s based on having been through most corporate situations and transactions ourselves as advisors to other companies and as principals of start-up and growth stage companies. From bridge-loans to hiring key personnel, identifying acquisition targets to structuring new partnerships and assessing different go-public strategies, we’ve been there and are ready to bring our expertise and lessons learned.