Climate resilience

Mitigating Damages of Chronic & Acute Changes

Regardless of the cause or contributors, scientists generally agree that we are experiencing changes in climate conditions. These changes, combined with global coastal development, varying construction activities and standards, energy production and agricultural shifts, create greater vulnerabilities to communities and industries across the world. Climate resilience is the ability of communities, states, nations and industries have to minimize the negative effects of these factors, to be better able to respond and to minimize disruptions or harm.

Our focus in climate resilience includes technologies, industry improvements, systems and other innovations that can improve the ability to anticipate, prepare for and respond to events, trends or disturbances related to climate. While often associated with events like heavy downpours, hurricanes, fires or wind related events, our interests also include resilience planning associated with chronic conditions like air quality, sea levels, population migration and associated development, decreased precipitation and water scarcity.

Capital solutions and opportunities with which our team has experience and can help clients can include private sector investments, strategic partnerships, federal or private sector grants and engagement in public-private partnerships.