Strategic Growth & Operations Expertise

Positioning a company for growth and market leadership or addressing changing market conditions can be challenges even for the most seasoned business leaders with well developed plans. From jont ventures and partnerships to corporate restructurings, a strategic approach that addresses the short-term needs while looking at long-term implications is critical.

Operating and managing a business through various market conditions and stages of business growth are about much more than strong leadership internally and a solid business plan. The long-term success of any business and its position in the market will be significantly influenced by many factors outside of the internal operations and management of the business. Strategic partnerships, joint ventures and vendor or partner selection can provide powerful opportunities for growth and to leverage key business strengths. These must all be done with the right partners and on the right terms. Similarly, challenging, changing or unforeseen circumstances can mean make or break, thrive or stagnate decision points. Senior leaders need a full picture of the options, the implications and the strategies for each decision they face.

The TPGI Ventures team experience is not just theoretical – we’ve been there ourselves as CEO, CTO, CFO, COO and other senior positions. Whether you are facing one-time decisions, need strategic advice and representation through a series of decisions or transactions or would benefit from outside experts embedded inside your organization for a period of time, the TPGI team is eager to understand the conditions, goals and factors specific to your business and to structure a partnership that meets your needs.


In the increasingly competitive international business climate, business alliances, partnerships, and joint ventures are being formed to raise capital or solve business problems through resource concentration. Identifying partners and negotiating appropriate relationships is time consuming and complex. Our professionals provide expert advice in structuring, positioning and negotiating the most advantageous terms for strategic alliances.


The team at TPGI will advise management through the challenges of correcting business, marketing, financial, human resource, organizational and operational issues. Our experience and expertise enable us to present ideas and alternatives that can increase debt capacity, reduce interest costs and stabilize a client’s financial base. Our team members have not only the perspective of investment bankers, but also as business owners, managers, CFO’s, borrowers, lenders, joint venture participants and long time members of the local and international business community.