Accessing the Capital Markets

In the highly competitive market for capital, a company must have a workable capital structure and an appealing, believable story. It must know where to look for funds, understand what funding sources want and have the negotiating skills to complete the financing on reasonable terms.

TPGI provides its clients the necessary expertise. Initial advisement includes assessing cash flow projections under alternative operating and financing scenarios, evaluating industry trends and ratios, and determining a sensible and marketable capital structure. If it is appropriate to proceed, TPGI prepares a memorandum that makes a persuasive case in language that funding sources understand and in a format to which they are accustomed.

TPGI will work with you to structure a private placement or public offering of equity or debt that fits your company’s current and long-term plans. Our professionals are available to advise company management, directors, and owners in evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of going public, present alternative financing options, and guide them through these complex processes. Our global network connects our corporate finance clients to the capital raising opportunities available in the private and public markets. These instruments include Senior, Subordinated and Convertible Debt as well as Common and Preferred Equity. Our industry experience and relationships with major financial institutions, venture capital firms, retail and institutional brokerage firms and institutional investors provide valuable resources in executing private placement and public offering transactions. Because of our constant flow of transactions and our active dialogue with a wide array of financing sources, we know the market and can quickly access the most competitive capital providers.


Because private placements can be completed in less time, at lower cost and often with greater predictability than public offerings, they can afford a very attractive alternative to raising capital in the public markets. Our private placement services include creating the capital plan, structuring the financial terms, drafting any necessary memoranda and providing marketing advice. Our experience and long-standing relationships with major financial institutions, venture capital firms, and institutional investors provide valuable resources in consummating private placement transactions in a timely manner and on the best terms available. Our team members’ extensive experience in public offerings helps us price and structure early-stage financing that is consistent with the client’s long-term capital requirements and, where appropriate, its later transition to public company ownership.


If an initial public offering best serves the client’s interests, we will identify and negotiate with a retail or institutional brokerage firm that is best suited to act as lead underwriter for the particular transaction. When size and geography of the offering warrant further support, our close working relationships with other regional and national firms enable us to select an additional investment banker to co-manage the offering. Our team members have experience in public offerings of debt and equity securities, in both initial public offerings and secondary offerings of corporate stocks and bonds. Our sponsorship continues in the after-market where we coordinate meetings between management, analysts, and institutional investors, as well as introduce the client to firms specializing in investor relations. In addition, we provide management with advice on the company’s role as a newly public entity.


For companies who aren’t looking to raise capital through an IPO but want to create liquidity for shareholders and open the door to future public offerings, other go-public options may be a better fit. Market conditions, reasons for listing on a public market and planned business activities can all inform both the best pathway and most appropriate exchange. Our team has extensive experience structuring Reverse Takeovers (RTOs, aka Reverse Mergers), drafting registration statements to list shares on an exchange and in securing the involvement of market makers and other firms to meet requirements for listing and establishing a liquid market. We also have extensive experience and a network of partners to support listings on exchanges ranging from the NASDAQ and OTC in the U.S. to the TSE and CSE in Canada as well as markets like the NEO Exchange who are opening the markets to more companies and redefining the role of the exchange.