The Intersection of Science & Agriculture

Within the broad agricultural sector, our interests are primarily focused in two more narrow sub-sectors:

Agricultural Technology (Ag-Tech)

From soil and water sensors to robotic systems, aerial imaging to RFID tagging and tracking, today’s agricultural operations are able to leverage technology to improve system efficiencies and outputs. We believe operations of the future can and should look as different from today’s as those of today look compared to 50 years ago. Our interests include but are not fully limited to companies and initiatives using technology to improve overall operational efficiencies, increase crop productivity, decrease use of water, pesticides and fertilizer and reduce chemical runoffs.

Agricultural Biotechnology (Ag-Biotech)

Improvements in crop plants, seeds and growing materials have become increasingly sophisticated throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries with breeding addressing traits associated with increased yield, pest, disease and drought resistance and flavor. With a very high attention to the safety considerations of certain genetic modifications, our team interests include a range of advancements in agricultural biotechnology such as the use of molecular diagnostics and markers, vaccines and tissue culture laboratory crop generation for disease-free materials as well as certain genetic processes to enable the transfer of characteristics such as drought or disease resistance.

With limited exceptions for truly innovative or disruptive technologies, our interests in both Agritech and Ag-Biotech are focused on those with crossover value and application with our work in Cannabis, Hemp & CBD, Climate Resilience and Blue Finance.